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Work and monitoring

Work efficiently

  • Respond quickly and effectively to dynamic situations throughout the day.
  • Follow the location and status of loads in real time.
  • Follow in real time the location and status of vehicles (trucks, trailers, containers).
  • Momentary reports on the distance of the truck to the loading or unloading address.
  • The system indicates poor using of the operation of the vehicle /standstill without tasks/.
  • Follow the location and status of loads in real time.
  • Take the opportunity to plan the routes of your groupage trucks by collecting or transporting on the shortest route with the least loss of time and other costs.
  • Follow the performance of the driver and the vehicle for better efficiency.
  • Your vehicles are on the way, your drivers know where to go and what to do, and your customers know when to expect their deliveries.
  • You don't have to check multiple systems to find one answer.
  • Find all the answers you need in one place. Updated in real time.
  • Implementation plan - in real time.
  • Location of the cargo and the truck.
  • Task status.
  • Status of the truck or trailer.

TMS transport management system

TMS transport management system



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