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Importing various card costs from Excel

  • Entering of costs that are automatically allocated in the transport courses by trucks on the basis of period or mileage. Importing various card costs from Excel.
  • Generate a report based on automatically entered data from fuel cards and bank cards, as well as manually added data. Calculated funds spent and business trips of the driver.
  • The system indicates charging with the wrong card (when working with more than one card, it is possible, for example, to load the driver with a DKV card instead of an OMV card). This way you can control whether your preferential discounts are lost due to the bad advice of your employees.
  • The daily report, in which you or your fellow forwarder or dispatcher can record the good and bad actions of the driver, is reflected in the generated report on his work and are visible when calculating his business travelling expenses.
  • Costs for salaries and amortizations are calculated automatically every month for the transport courses.
  • Alarm system in case of need for renewal of insurances, documents, repairs and others.
  • There is also a system for invoicing service activities, such as the purchase of spare parts for subsequent use in vehicles.
  • Use an intelligent invoicing system under agreed terms (sent documents, when loading, when unloading) according to the individual terms of the contracts with the customers. Thus, the system notifies for timely preparation and sending of invoices, etc.
  • System for analysis, tracking and reminder of receivables and payables.
Importing various card costs from Excel

TMS transport management system

TMS transport management system



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